Why Paynuity

A Company Built on Trust

Trust is one of the most overused and undelivered on terms in business, yet it is the foundation of Paynuity’s relationship with merchants and partners alike. Unlike many companies out there, we put our commitment in writing.

Always Put Our Merchants and Partners First

The customer’s needs and experience are the foundation of our financial solutions and service offerings. We believe in building trust, earning loyalty and establishing long-lasting relationships by prioritizing those we do business.

A Commitment To Transparency

The payments industry many times is viewed as a black box of secrecy. Paynuity is committed to full transparency that gives customers a behind-the-scenes look at trends, transactions and the platform. You can be sure that what we say and what we do are always one and the same.

No Arbitrary Raising of Rates and Fees

Our rates are stable due to the large volume of money we move. Due to this advantage, we can keep rates low and stable. We pay this benefit forward and make sure to never arbitrarily raise rates.

Always Maximize Value For Our Customers

The protection of your assets and reputation are of primary importance to us. Paynuity was created to optimize global payments in the most effective way possible. We have a daily commitment to adding value for our customers in every way possible.

Providing The Best Customer Service

Our customers are not numbers in a CRM, but rather business partners that we’ve established a mutually beneficial, win-win relationship with. We constantly monitor feedback and make changes that support efficiency and ease.

Always Innovating

Using AI/ML technology we simplify processes and streamline the way the world sends and accepts payment. Our technology is constantly evolving to turn challenges into opportunities.

The Highest Level of Security

Cyber attacks are an unfortunate reality in the world today. Paynuity has implemented best-in-class tools that are always upgraded to ensure the full protection of your transaction and business.

Paying It Forward

In addition to the wide range of tools and benefits for not-for-profits, Paynuity has committed a percentage of it’s profits to 501c3 charities across the country. Together we can all make the world a better place.

Take Your Business
To The Next Level

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